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How to Delete a Page in Word

You may have encountered a problem where your Word document contains unwanted blank pages.

Or, there is a page filled with content you no longer need and wish to delete.

What to Know

  • Select the page you’d like to delete. Then drag the cursor across the entire page to highlight everything and press the Delete key.
  • On Windows: Click on the page you want to delete and press Ctrl+G. Type \page, press Enter, and click Close. Then hit Delete on your keyboard.
  • On Mac: Go to the page you want to delete and click on it. Then press Option+⌘+G and type \page. Hit Return and click Close. Then press the Delete key.
How to delete a page in Word

Sometimes these blank pages appear in the middle or at the end of a Word document, which makes it look unprofessional.

Many users are unsure of how to delete a page in Microsoft Word. Other Microsoft Office applications, such as PowerPoint, let you delete a page with one click, but that’s not the case with Microsoft Word.

But there are other ways to delete a page in Word. We will discuss all the easy ways in this article.

All these methods not only help you delete a blank page in Word, but they’ll also help you delete a page filled with text and graphics.

Let’s dive in!

How to Delete a Page in Microsoft Word

Note: In this article, I’ll be using Word for Microsoft 365. But you can use any version of MS Word because everything is pretty much the same.

How Do I Delete a Page in Word

This method makes deleting a page filled with text or images easy.

1. Select the page you want to remove.

First, open the MS Word document. Then, at that point, navigate to the page you wish to delete.

2. Open the Find and Replace dialog box.

Press Ctrl+G (on Windows) and Option+⌘+G (on Mac). It will open a Find and Replace dialog box that looks like this:

3. Enter \page on the box.

The screen displays the (Enter page number) prompt. First, select the page to be deleted. Then in the box, type \page and press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) on your keyboard. It would make the entire page stand out. Double-check that the entirety of the page is selected.

4. Close the dialog box and delete a page.

In the dialog box, click the Close button. Then, to remove the page, press Delete or Backspace.

This method highlights all the elements on the page. So if you want to keep items such as images and paragraphs, put them on separate pages.

Tip: This method works on a page filled with content. If the page you’re trying to delete is only half-filled with content, try the second method below.

An Easy Way to Delete a Page in Word

This method makes it easy to delete page in Word that is only half-filled with text or images.

1. Open the document.

The first step is to open the document containing the page you want to delete.

Once you open your document, scroll to the page you want to delete.

2. Highlight the entire page.

Then, click at the start of the page and drag the cursor across the entire page. It would highlight all the elements (text or graphics) on the page, also any blank areas.

3. Press Backspace or Delete.

Use the Backspace (Windows) or Delete (Mac) keys to delete the page. Even if the page is blank, this method should still work.

How to Delete a Blank Page in Word

Sometimes, blank pages may appear in the middle or at the end of a document. It may be due to page breaks, and such pages can be removed by displaying page breaks and paragraph marks. Or you can use the Navigation pane in Word to delete a blank page in a few clicks.

We’ll show you both ways to delete a blank page in Word:

Using the Navigation Pane

In this method, we’ll use the Navigation Pane to find the unwanted blank page and then press the Delete key to remove it.

Click anywhere on the empty page you want to delete, then go to the View tab and click on the Navigation Pane in the Show group. In the navigation window on the left, select Pages. Click on the blank page you want to remove. Confirm that the page is selected, and press the delete key, which should remove the blank page.

Note: If you want to know how to delete pages in Word? Use the above method to remove multiple pages from a Word document.

Using Paragraph Marks

1. In the Home tab, navigate to the paragraph section.

On the Home tab, select the “Paragraph Marks” command. Here is how it looks:

It will highlight where you added a paragraph or page break in your document.

Shortcut: You can also use the shortcut keys Ctrl + SHIFT + * (Windows) and Command + 8 (Mac) to Show/Hide paragraph marks in your document.

2. Delete a page from your document.

Then select the page break and press the Backspace/Delete key on your keyboard. It will delete unwanted blank pages from your document.

You can use this method again to remove any extraneous paragraph breaks. Paragraph symbols display these breaks. Press Ctrl + SHIFT + * (Windows) and Command + 8 (Mac) again to exit the formatting view.

Finish working on your document or save it as a PDF to keep it safe or share it with others.

Now that you’ve learned how to delete page in Word, let’s look at how to double space in Word.


As you know, I showed you multiple ways to delete a blank page in Word or a page filled with content from your Word document.

Each method shown above is for a specific situation, so knowing more than one way to delete a page in Word is always helpful.

How Do you Delete a Page in Word?

Click anywhere on the page you want to delete, and press Ctrl+G (on Windows) and Option+⌘+G (on Mac). In the Enter page number field, type \page. Press Enter/Return on your keyboard and select the Close button. Then press the Delete key, and the page should delete.

How to Delete an Unwanted Page in Microsoft Word?

In your Word document, navigate to the unwanted page. Place your cursor close to the bottom as possible, and press the Backspace/Delete key until the page is completely removed.