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How to Use the Office App for Windows

All about the Microsoft Office app on Windows 11/10

What to Know

  • As of late 2022, Office App for Windows is now part of Microsoft 365.
  • Search for the Office app on the Microsoft Store and select Install. Click on Launch to start the app.
  • The only difference between the older My Office app and the Office app is that the new version connects you to the free online version of Office apps.
  • To learn about Office apps, go to the Office app and select Explore all your apps. To upload files to your OneDrive, choose a file, and click Upload.
How to Use the Office App for Windows

This article describes how to use the Office app on Windows 11/10.

How to Download the New Office App

If you already had the My Office app installed on your Windows 11/10 devices, you need to update it from the Microsoft Store to get the most recent version. If you have never used the Office app, you can install it in a few simple steps.

1. Open the Microsoft Store app.

Microsoft Store app

2. Type Office in the Search bar.

Type Office in the Search bar

3. Locate the Office app and click on the Install button.

Install Office app

4. After the app installs, select Launch to use the new Office app.

Open Office app

Office App vs. My Office

Before getting into the details of how to use the new Office app for Windows, it is critical to understand the similarities and differences between the previous My Office app and the new Office app.

Similarities Between the Office App and My Office App

  • They’re free to download from the Microsoft Store.
  • They give you an overview of your Microsoft 365 account and access to your subscriptions, payments, and billing details.
  • They provide quick links to your documents.
  • They’ve got a Programs section where you can launch any Office app.

Difference Between the Office App and My Office App

The main difference between the My Office app and the new Office app is that it will direct you to the free Office Online version of these apps if it does not detect the installed Microsoft 365 apps.

Office App

Warning: If your file is stored locally, it will prompt you to upload it to OneDrive before allowing you to open it.

What Else Can the New Office App Do?

Aside from the features listed above, the Office app for Windows adds a few more capabilities and enhancements to your Office account:

  • Access to all files. Look for documents, whether on your hard drive, OneDrive, or SharePoint, no matter where they are stored.
  • Tutorials. Select the Explore all your apps link section, then click the app you want to learn. It includes links to tutorials for all Office Online products.
  • Shared files. All files are shared with your Microsoft account, making it simple to access them, no matter where you access the Office app.
  • Access to all Office apps. Get access to all Office apps in one place and find information to help you better understand and use them.
  • OneDrive support. The Office app will also upload files to your OneDrive account. Any locally stored file can be uploaded to OneDrive and edited in an Office Online app. Select the file, then choose Upload and Open.
  • Get back into your work quickly. Navigate to the documents you’ve recently used, those others have shared with you, or those you’ve pinned for quick access.
  • Work together. With a few simple clicks, you can share your documents with others and collaborate in real-time within the document.
  • Performance. Improved performance will allow you to be more productive.

The Office app helps you get the most out of Office by locating all of your Office apps and files in one place, allowing you to jump right into your work.

The free app works with any Microsoft 365 subscription, Office 2021, Office 2019, or the free web-based Office for consumers. Sign in with your work, school, or personal Microsoft account to use the app.