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How to Redownload Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a powerful word-processing application that makes your work and personal life easy and productive.

Sometimes you may want to redownload Microsoft Word if it gets corrupted or your Word program is not working correctly.

If you accidentally uninstalled Word from an Office installation, you can reinstall Microsoft Word for Mac or PC anytime.

How to Redownload Microsoft Word

To redeem a new purchase, go to the Office Setup webpage. Sign in or sign up for a new ms account. Enter the 25-character product key. You received it when you purchased the software online or from a store. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install or reinstall Office.

How to Redownload Word

You can reinstall Microsoft Word even without your product key. Here’s how.

Step 1

Go to the My Office Account Sign-In page.

Step 2

Then Sign In to your registered Microsoft account by typing your email and password.

Step 3

On the next page, under “Install Office on all your computers,” click the Install Office button.

Step 4

A new window will pop up, scroll down and click Install. Once the installation file downloads on your computer, double-click on it. Then run the software setup.

Step 5

After installing Office, open Microsoft Word from your computer. If prompted, click Get Started and sign in to activate it. When the program is activated, you can start writing or creating Word documents again.

Following the above steps, you can redownload Microsoft Word on Mac or PC. In the same way, you can reinstall Microsoft Office on a PC or Mac.

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