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How to Hyperlink in Word

Insert, edit, and remove a hyperlink in Word

How to Hyperlink in Word

A hyperlink in MS Word works like one on a website or e-mail message.

When you hyperlink text or visuals, they become clickable and take you to another page or section of your document.

Hyperlinks can also take you to webpages and files outside your Word document.

In Microsoft Word, you can create links to existing or new files on your device, e-mail addresses, and specific areas in a document.

This article teaches you how to hyperlink in Word. The detailed steps in this guide will help you insert, edit, and remove a hyperlink in Word.

Tip: Word automatically creates a hyperlink if you press ENTER after you type or paste the web address or a URL, such as

How to Insert Link in Word

To insert a hyperlink in Word, follow the steps.

1. Select the text or visual you want to use as a hyperlink.

Select the text or visual you want to use as a hyperlink

2. Select the Insert tab in the Tools menu.

Select the Insert tab

3. Click the Links group drop-down menu.

Click the Links group drop-down menu

4. Select Insert Link to add a hyperlink.

Select Insert Link

Shortcut: On your keyboard, press ⌘ Command+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (PC) to insert a hyperlink on any selected text.

5. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box that appears, choose the type of object you want to link to:

Insert Hyperlink dialog box
  • Existing File or Web Page: Creates a link to another existing document, a file created in another software, such as an Excel workbook or a webpage.
  • Place in This Document: It takes you to a heading or bookmark in the same document.
  • Create New Document: It creates a new Word document and then adds a hyperlink to the new document.
  • E-mail Address: Creates a clickable e-mail address that, when clicked, generates a new e-mail message.

6. Indicate where the link should lead:

Indicate where the link should lead
  • Choose from the options available depending on what you’re linking to in Word. Enter the path to an external file or webpage, a header or bookmark in the document, a new file name, or an e-mail address.

7. Once you do that, click OK.

Click OK

Note: Holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the selected hyperlink text will take you to the specified location (or create a new e-mail message or Word document).

Change or Edit Hyperlink in Word

To edit a hyperlink in Word, do the following.

1. Right-click on the link.

Right-click anywhere on the link to change or edit it

2. Click Edit Hyperlink.

Click the Edit Hyperlink option

3. In the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, type the text next to “Text to display” or the address you want to use for the link.

Edit Hyperlink dialog box in Word

4. Once done, click OK.

Once done, click OK

Remove Hyperlink in Word

You can remove a single hyperlink or delete many links at once. Here’s how.

Remove a single hyperlink in Word:

To remove a single hyperlink, do the following.

1. To delete a hyperlink, right-click on it.

Right-click on a hyperlink to delete it

2. Click the Remove Hyperlink option.

Click Remove Hyperlink

Tip: To remove the hyperlink along with the text, click and drag the cursor across the link, then press Delete.

Remove all hyperlinks in Word at once:

Remove all hyperlinks at once in a Word document by using a keyboard shortcut. Here’s how.

  1. Press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to highlight all text.
  2. Then, press Ctrl+Shift+F9 simultaneously.

Following the above steps will remove all hyperlinks from your document.

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