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How to Delete Duplicates in Word

You may have typed the same word twice or at multiple places while working on a lengthy Word document.

It makes your document unprofessional and riddled with errors.

How to Delete Duplicates in Word
Delete Duplicates in Word

Deleting these repeated words can be annoying and time-consuming, especially if the document is lengthy.

Lucky for you, I can show you how to find and delete duplicate words in Word on your computer. While the default grammar checker will highlight these repetitions, you can use the find and replace feature to find and delete duplicate words manually.

Steps to Delete Duplicates in Word

Microsoft Word underlines a repeated word in red wavy lines. The easiest way to delete duplicates in Word is to select a duplicated word and click “Delete repeated word” from the context menu.

1. Open your document in Word. When Microsoft Word is open, select File > Open, or you can right-click your file, select Open with and choose Word.

  • In the Word Mobile App, open your document in editing mode, tap the magnifying glass, and then enter a word.

2. Select the Home tab (if required). If you haven’t already, this tab should be selected by default when you open the document.

3. Click the Find drop-down. It’s in the “Editing” button.

4. Select Advanced Find. A “Find and Replace” window will appear.

5. Enter the word you want to look up. In the “Find what” field, type the word you like to search and delete.

6. Select the More button. It’s at the bottom left of the window.

7. Check the “Find whole words only” and “Highlight All” boxes. It instructs the tool to find and highlight that word.

  • If “Highlight All” does not appear, you might need to click Reading Highlight first and then select the Highlight All option.

8. Press ← Backspace or Delete. Double-click the highlighted word(s) to remove duplicates from your Word document.