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How to Make a Venn diagram in Word

A Venn diagram is a graphic organizer that helps you compare and contrast two or more things.

How to Make a Venn diagram in Word
An example of a Venn Diagram

The Venn diagram in Word consists of overlapping circles or other shapes, and each represents a different category, idea, or group.

The areas where the circles overlap illustrate similarities between the groups. And while the areas outside the circles represent differences.

In theory, it should be simple to make two overlapping circles. But when you add multiple circles and want to include your Venn diagram in a Word document, it gets a bit more complicated. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn two methods to make a Venn diagram in Word.

How to Create a Venn diagram in Word

To create a Venn diagram in Word, you have two options: the shape library or SmartArt. But, both methods need careful attention to detail and patience when aligning shapes and text. Also, you cannot use any pre-made templates available.

Create a Venn diagram in Word using the Shape library

  1. In Word, select Insert, and in the Illustrations group, click Shapes. It will open a drop-down menu. 
  2. To create your Venn diagram, use the shape library to add shapes and lines.
  3. Use a text box to add text. Click Insert, and in the Text group, choose a text box.
  4. To make your Venn diagram, drag shapes and text boxes around.
  5. Once done, click File > Save to save your document.

Create a Venn diagram in Word using SmartArt graphics

  1. In Word, click Insert, and in the Illustrations group, select SmartArt. It will open a Choose a SmartArt Graphic window. 
  2. Select Relationship and choose Basic Venn or any Venn style from the list. Select OK.
  3. To add text, click on each text box or use the text pane on the left.
  4. Click the “Add Shape” drop-down. Choose “Add Shape After or Add Shape Before” to add more shapes to your Venn diagram and make it larger.
  5. To change the layout of your Venn diagram, in the Layouts group, choose any style you want to use.
  6. To change the color of your Venn diagram, in the SmartArt Styles group, click Change Colors. Select any color from the list.
  7. When finished, save the document.

And there you have it! You’ve created your very own Venn diagram in Word.

But why stop there? Venn diagrams can be used in various ways, from organizing data to brainstorming ideas. They can help you see connections between unrelated things and inspire you to think more creatively. So experiment with your Venn diagram and see what innovative insights you can discover.

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