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How to Convert a PDF to a Word Document

How to convert a PDF file to a Word document

PDF and Word documents are two of the most commonly used file formats in the modern world. PDFs are useful for sharing and preserving the formatting of documents.

Sometimes you might need to convert them to a Word document to edit or add your information. Lucky for you, I’ll show you how to convert a PDF to a Word document.

How to Convert a PDF to a Word Document

First, consider why you might want to convert a PDF to a Word document. Perhaps you received a PDF file you need to edit, or you want to add or remove specific text from a lengthy PDF.

So, how do you convert PDF to Word? This post contains several ways to convert PDF to Word documents, but not all methods are equal. Let’s explore our options:

Method 1: Convert PDF files into Word documents using Microsoft Word

If MS Word is installed on your computer. You can convert a PDF to a Word document for free. Here’s how:

1. Locate the PDF you want to convert and right-click on it.

  • If you don’t have the right mouse button on your Mac, click the PDF file while holding down Control.

2. Click Open with and select Word or Microsoft Word from the context menu.

  • If Microsoft Word is not listed, click Choose another app. Find Word, select it, and then click OK.

3. Select OK to convert the file into an editable Word document.

4. Make changes to the Word document.

  •  If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button at the top.

5. Save the converted file. When you’re ready to save the converted file, do the following:

  • Windows: Click File Save As This PC or Browse, name your file, choose a location, and select Save.
  • Mac: Select File Save As, name your document, choose a location folder for the file, and then click Save.

Method 2: Convert PDF files into Word documents using Google Docs

1. Navigate to the Google Docs webpage. Sign in or create a free Google account.

  • You need to create a Gmail account to use Google Docs.

2. Click File Open and select the Upload tab.

3. Click the Browse button to select a file from your device.

4. Locate your PDF file, select it, and click Open. Preview your PDF file in Google Drive.

5. Click Open with and choose Google Docs from the drop-down menu.

  • If the Open with drop-down box does not appear, hover your mouse at the top of the window.
  • If you don’t see Google Docs listed in the drop-down menu, click Connect more apps. Search for Google Docs, and install it.

6. Once the file opens in Google Docs, make the changes.

7. When ready, click File > Download Microsoft Word (.docx).

It will download your converted PDF file as a Word document to your computer.

Method 3: Convert PDF files into Word documents using Online Conversion Tools

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro or Microsoft Word on your computer. And you only need to convert PDFs to Word documents infrequently. You can use online conversion tools like Smallpdf or Zamzar to convert PDF to Word online for free. Here’s how:

  1. Visit or in your computer’s web browser.
  2. Select the “Convert to Word” option.
  3. Upload your PDF file and wait for the tool to do its thing.
  4. Download your converted PDF file into editable Word format.

That’s it! You can now share the Word document with others.

Note: These online tools might not be as accurate as Adobe Acrobat Pro, especially when preserving the formatting and layout of a PDF file.

Method 4: Convert PDF files into Word documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat is the most widely used PDF editing software. It is one of the simplest methods of converting a PDF to a Word document. Here’s how:

1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

2. Choose Export PDF from the right-hand pane.

3. Select Microsoft Word (*.docx) as your export format.

4. Click Convert/Export. It should give you a fully editable Word document.

How to convert a PDF into a Word document?

Launch the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, and click File > Export PDF. Select Microsoft Word as your conversion file format, and click Convert/Export. Once your file is ready, save it as a Word doc.

How to convert PDF to Word for free?

Navigate to the free PDF to Word converter website. Upload the PDF you want to convert to a Word doc. After the PDF file converts to an editable Word document, you can then download the converted document.



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