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How to Cancel Microsoft 365 Subscription

If you’re ready to move on, avoid paying expensive subscription fees

Guy using a laptop to cancel a Microsoft 365 subscription
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Microsoft 365 is an excellent suite of premium productivity apps, but paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee for this type of service isn’t for everyone. If you want to cancel Office 365 or your Microsoft 365 free trial, you may be perplexed about how to do so.

Here’s how to cancel Microsoft 365 subscription, as well as information on what happens when you do.

Note: Office 365 subscription suite became Microsoft 365 in April 2020, with new and improved features such as artificial intelligence (AI), new content and templates, and additional cloud functionality with advanced security.

What Happens When You Cancel Microsoft 365 Subscription?

When you cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription, you will have full access to the service until your next renewal date.

When you cancel Office 365, you lose access to any bonuses you may have received as part of the subscription, such as extra OneDrive storage and Skype minutes. These bonuses are available to you until the end of your current subscription term.

Note: You can use Microsoft 365 in View Only mode after you cancel Office 365 and your subscription expires. This limited model allows you to open and print documents, but it does not allow you to make changes or create new ones.

How to Cancel Microsoft 365 Subscription

To cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription or Office 365 free trial, follow these steps:

1. Open your browser, go to, and click the Sign In icon in the upper-right corner.

Go to and click on the sign-in icon

2. Sign in with your Microsoft account associated with your Microsoft 365.

Sign in with your Microsoft account

3. Select the My Account button.

Select the My Account button

4. Select Services & Subscriptions at the top menu bar.

Select Services & subscriptions at the top menu bar

5. Next to Microsoft 365, click Manage.

Select Manage next to Microsoft 365

Note: If you see Turn on recurring billing instead of a Manage link, your subscription will expire on the date shown, and you don’t have to pay after that date. There is nothing else you need to do now, and you can keep using the product until your subscription expires.

6. Select the Cancel subscription button at the bottom.

Select Cancel Subscription at the bottom

7. On the next screen, click Turn off recurring billing to confirm.

Select Turn off recurring billing

8. A confirmation screen indicates that you have turned off recurring billing for your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Turned off recurring billing confirmation screen

9. You can continue to use Microsoft 365 until your next renewal date. After that, you aren’t paying anything but no longer have access to the service.

Note: Microsoft 365 refunds are only available in limited circumstances. For example, if you recently purchased an annual subscription or have a monthly subscription purchased within the last 30 days. Contact Microsoft customer service to see if you qualify for a refund.

Can I cancel Microsoft 365?

Yes, you can cancel Microsoft 365 anytime before your subscription expires, or you can cancel it after by turning off recurring billing. You’ll get a refund if you cancel Microsoft 365 within 30 days of the initial purchase.

How can I cancel Microsoft 365 Subscription?

Go to the Services & subscriptions page, sign in to your Microsoft account, and locate your subscription. Then select Manage > Cancel subscription > turn off recurring billing to confirm the cancellation.

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