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How to Create Postcards in Word (2 Easy Ways)

Microsoft Word allows you to quickly and easily create custom postcards. There are different ways of creating postcards in Word.

But the two best methods to create a postcard in Word are “Labels” or choosing an available “Postcard Template.“

Postcards are an attractive way to communicate a message.

How to Create Postcards in Word

You can use postcards to notify customers about special events or offer a coupon to attract new customers.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer to create postcards in Word. You can use the postcard template Word to create and customize a postcard for any occasion for free.

The best part is you can easily make your postcards using Microsoft Word. Let me show you how.

Note: Instructions in this article apply to Word 2021, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 365, and Word for Mac. For this guide, I am using Word for Microsoft 365.

How to Create Postcards in Word

  1. Using Templates
  2. Using Labels

In this article, you will learn both methods to create postcards in Word by following our step-by-step instructions.

Note: Check my step-by-step guide about how to print postcards in Word.

Let’s dive in.

Method 1: Create Postcards Using Templates

1. Open Word

Open Microsoft Word, and click New.

You’ll see a list of available templates.

2. Get a postcard template

Inside Word, type postcards in the search box and hit enter.

A list of available free postcard templates for Word appears on the screen.

3. Choose a template

Go through the available postcard templates.

Click on the Word postcard template you like and want to use.

Word will display the larger image of the template with some information.

If you need to change the template, use the right or left arrow.

Select Create, and Word will download the template for you.

Your postcard template will open in a new document.

4. Customize the postcard

Highlight the title and text, and start typing to edit the card as you like.

You can change text case, fonts, color, size, and more.

5. Save the Postcard

Click the File tab in the ribbon menu.

Select Save As from the left pane.

In the “Save As” screen on the right, click Browse to open File Explorer.

Then, choose the folder or drive to save your postcard.

In the File name box, type a unique name.

Be sure it says Word Document (*.docx) in the Save as type box.

Click the Save button to save the card.

6. Print the Postcard

Select the File tab in the ribbon menu.

From the left pane, select Print.

Click the drop-down arrow and select your Printer.

Change the Printer PropertiesSettings, and Page Setup if required.

In the “Copies” box, enter the number of copies you want to print.

When ready, click the Print button to start printing.

Shortcut: Press Ctrl + P on the keyboard to open the Print screen.

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Method 2: Create Postcards Using Labels

1. Open Word

Double-click on the Word icon to open it.

Select New from the home screen.

2. Open a new blank document

Click on Blank document.

Microsoft Word will open a new document.

3. Create a Label

Select the Mailings tab in the ribbon menu.

In the Create group on the far left, click the Labels option.

An Envelopes and Labels dialog box will appear.

Make sure the Labels tab is selected. If not, click on it.

Then, at the bottom, select the Options button.

It will open the Label Options dialog box.

Under Label Information, click the Label Vendors drop-down and select Microsoft.

Under Product number, use arrow keys to scroll, and select Index Card with a page size of 4″x6″ or 15.24 cm x 10.16 cm.

Click OK to confirm.

Word will take you back to the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.

From there, select New Document.

It will open a new postcard document.

4. Add a picture

Select Insert from the ribbon menu.

From the Illustrations group, click the Pictures option.

It will open the “Insert Picture From” drop-down.

Click This Device if you have the picture on your computer.

The Insert Picture dialog box will open.

Find and select the picture you want to use.

Then, click the Insert button.

Word will add the picture to the postcard document.

To resize or reposition the picture, use the Handles. (See the image below).

5. Add a text box

Select the Insert tab in the ribbon menu.

In the Text group, click the Text Box option.

It opens a list of Built-in text boxes.

Choose the text box type you want to use.

In our case, we selected the Austin Quote text box.

Word will add the text box on the postcard document.

To resize and reposition the text box, use the Handles. (See the image below).

6. Change the text

Click inside the text box and start typing to change the text as you like.

Change fontstext color, and size as you wish.

7. Save the postcard

Click the File tab at the top left. 

From the left pane, select Save As.

On the right, select Browse.

It will open the Save As dialog box.

On the left, select the folder or drive where you want to save your postcard.

In the File name box, type a unique name.

Click Save to confirm.

8. Print the postcard

Click File in the top left.

Select the Print option.

Choose your Printer.

If you want to print more than one copy, change the number of Copies.

When ready, click on the Print button.

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I’ve shown you how to make a postcard in Word with Labels or using a postcard template for Word.

Now, the choice is yours, whichever method you want to use. But I prefer to use a premade postcard template.

In addition, I’ve also demonstrated how to print your cards.



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