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How to Reinstall Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a powerful office suite that makes your personal, work, and student life easy and productive.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Office

You can use MS Office for Word processing, creating spreadsheets, and beautiful presentations.

Yet, sometimes you may want to reinstall Microsoft Office if it gets corrupted or Office apps are not working correctly.

You might want to reinstall Microsoft Office after the system restore. Or, if you uninstall Office, you can redownload Microsoft Office for Mac or PC anytime.

Tip: This guide will also help you reinstall Microsoft Office without a product key.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Office

Two ways to reinstall Office on your computer:

  1. Double-click the Office Installer File
  2. Sign In to Reinstall Office

I’ll show you how to reinstall Microsoft 365 (Office) on your computer. Also, you’ll learn how to activate Microsoft Office after reinstalling it.

Let’s get started.

Note: Instructions in this article apply to Office 2016, Office 2019, Office 2019 for Mac, Office 2021, Office 2021 for Mac, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft 365 for Mac.

Method 1: Double-click the Office Installer File

Downloads folder on a PC

1. Go to the Downloads folder on your PC.

Double-click the Office Setup file to reinstall Microsoft Office

2. Locate the Office Setup installer file and double-click on it.

Double-click the Office installer on Mac to reinstall Microsoft Office

Tip: On Mac, go to Finder and click the Downloads folder to find the Office installer file (ends with .pkg). Double-click on it to reinstall your Office.

If prompted, click Yes

3. If prompted, click Yes to run the installation setup.

Office installation setup getting things ready

4. Wait for the Microsoft 365 (Office) program to install.

Office reinstalled on your computer

5. Once finished, your Office reinstalls on your computer.

Method 2: Sign In to Reinstall Office

In your browser, type

1. In your browser, type or go to My Account.

Click the Sign In button on the Office website

2. Click the Sign In button.

Sign in with the account associated with your Office software

3. Sign in with the account you associated with your Office subscription.

On the Office home page, click Install Office

4. After signing in, click Install Office.

Click Install on the Download and install Office window

5. Click Install on the Download and Install Office window.

Double-click the Office Setup installation file

6. Double-click the Office Setup installation file.

If prompted, select Yes to allow the Office software to install

7. If prompted, select Yes.

8. Follow the on-screen prompts that match the type of account you used to sign in.

Your Office is reinstalled on your computer

9. Once finished, you have your Office reinstalled on your computer.

Activate Office Apps after Reinstalling

Now, whichever way you’ve used to reinstall Microsoft Office, your computer might prompt you to activate Office. Here’s how to do it.

Open an Office app to activate Office

1. Open an Office app such as Excel or Word.

Click the Sign In button

2. Click the Sign In or Get Started button.

Sign in with your Microsoft account email and password

3. Sign in with your Microsoft account email and password linked with your Office software.

4. Wait for Office to verify your Microsoft account and Office subscription.

Activating Microsoft Office

5. Once verified, your Office apps will be activated.

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This article outlines two ways to reinstall Microsoft Office on your computer. The Sign In to Reinstall Office takes a long time and requires installing Microsoft Office again.

Double-click the Office Installer file method is the easiest way to reinstall Microsoft Office on your PC or Mac.

That’s why we recommend the double-click method, which does this job quickly and saves you a lot of time. But that is possible only if you have the Office Setup installer file on your computer.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Office with Product Key?

To redeem your new purchase or product key, type in your browser. Sign in with your ms account or sign up. Enter your product key and click Next. Select Install Apps from the Microsoft 365 (Office) homepage. Click Install, and then follow the remaining prompts.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Office on Mac?

To uninstall Office on Mac, save your work and quit all Office applications. Launch Finder, and select the Applications folder. Select and drag Office apps to the Trash. Then right-click and empty the Trash.
To reinstall Office on Mac, visit in, and click Install Apps. Select Install and follow the on-screen prompts to install Office.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Office after Uninstall?

After uninstalling Microsoft Office, sign in to and select Install Apps. In the Download and Install Office window, scroll down and click the Install button. Follow the on-screen steps to reinstall Office.